Slots are always amongst the most popular games in the casino. They are huge money makers and thus, take up the majority of the floor space in land based casinos. Online, they are just as popular. Because all “floor space” is virtual, online casinos are able to offer many more variations of slots machines. The selection of slots is generally bigger.

Slots Rules

The simplicity of slots rules is one reason why these games are so fun. There really aren’t many rules at all. Individuals only need to place money into the machine and press a button. The machine does the rest. If a person hits a winning combination, they receive a payout. If they don’t, they are paid nothing.

Most of the table games offered at casinos require at least some skill and knowledge. Individuals that wish to play must first learn the rules of the particular game they want to play and then spend an adequate amount of time practicing. Generally, it takes time to get a feel for a game to become really good. That’s not the case with slots. Anyone can sit down at a machine or play online and get started playing right away with absolutely no problem.

Play Slot Machines

Slots are also popular partly because they are cheap to play. It is possible to play games for only $.01. There aren’t any other casino games that people can play this cheaply. Because most people can pretty easily gather enough loose change from the bottom of their purse or lying around the house to play slots, most don’t mind spending it on slots.

Even though the costs of slots games are extremely cheap, they still give players an opportunity to win big prizes. This is a big part of the game’s allure. Individuals have the chance to turn a paltry investment into a big pay day. This prospect is exciting. It is a bit like playing the lottery.

Slot machines are extremely easy to play. To begin, an individual needs to choose how much they want to wager. Generally, persons will have the choice of wagering between 1 and 5 coins. The machine will take varying amounts. Machines cost as little as 1 penny and go up to $5 or more. After deciding on the amount of money a person wishes to wager, they will need to spin the wheel, which is done by pressing a button. If the machine stops on a paying combination the individual is paid the corresponding amount. Pay tables will differ based on the machine. It is a good idea to take a look at it prior to choosing a machine.

Slots Bonuses

There are different types of slot machines. Progressive slots and those that pay out bonuses are two variations. Progressive slots payouts are rolled over and increase until someone wins. Slots bonus machines reward players with various bonuses, such as extra turns or free games.

In the online world many online casinos offer great bonuses to slots players. Below we list some of the top slots bonuses around.


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Slots can be found at every casino, both offline and online. Individuals playing online will find that they have lots of options, when it comes to games and variations. Spending some time trying out a few is a good way to determine which ones a person likes the best. Check out our reviews for which sites we recommend for playing online slots.